How unusual is it to get the same cards in hold 'em?

I have gone through some amazing streaks of bad cards, and I'd like to find some solace in statistics to console me. What are the odds on these situations (all regarding hole cards):

  1. Exact same hand, two hands in a row.

  2. Exact same hand, 2 hands out of 3.

  3. Exact same ranks, different suits, two hands in a row.

  4. getting the same rank 5 out of 10 hands? (e.g. a deuce, any suit, but different 2nd card)

thanks in advance.

i think i've only had "good" runs twice. one time was QQ three times in a row, and AA back to back last night.

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I hope someone can give you the true statistics/probabilities, but I have had the same experience. I once played in a tournament, got probably 20 hands dealt and drew AA,AK, KK, AQ over and over. I've also gotten 7,5 five times in a row.

6 years ago
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