What is the better poker hand in an all in, heads up situation? 7-2 offsuit or 6-2 suited?

so what better poker hand?

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6-2 suited is better in that situation

6 years ago


Actually the 7-2 offsuit is the favorite, pre-flop.
It is in the lead pre-flop with a 7-high versus 6-high.
Also if the 2 does flop the 7-2 has the 6-2 outkicked.
This is what we call one hand dominating another, anytime your opponent has one of the same cards as you but a bigger kicker or has a pair of one of your cards, or has a bigger pair. IE, AJ vs AK, K7 vs 77, JJ vs QQ.
The 6-2 being suited makes very little difference in its odds, as the chances of that particular suit coming out are not very good.
Hope this helps, and good luck.

7s-2c 53.49% Win, 17.05% Tie
6d-2d 29.46% Win, 17.05% Tie

6 years ago
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