Gambling in the USA

So many things have been said about online gambling in the US and many people tend to think that the gates have been shut while others still think that there is still hope for Online Gambling in the USA. Many reputable casinos rooms have closed doors to US players while many new online casino rooms restrict US players and only are few reputable casino rooms are still open to US players at which the majority of US players are flocking to these sites and result in high player volume.

There are several reasons why so many online casinos have restricted players from USA.  On October 13, 2006 a bill was passed to tighten security measures at which the federal banned banking institution to transfer funds to individuals or businesses to conduct online gambling. This bill caused many online casino rooms to draw out from USA 

Reputable gaming software Microgaming immediately pulled out from accepting US players in 2006 and remained with only existing US players who already had accounts where able to make deposits and cashouts but recently in April 22, 2011 it suspended all US accounts. It slammed its doors and is now officially out of the US market. However, US players can still enjoy great online gaming outside Microgaming Platforms with good brands such as Realtime Gaming (RTG) and Playtech. 

On the other hand, big giants – Full Tilt Poker, Poker Stars, and Absolute Poker was affected after black Friday and came out of the industry entirely. 

The major question that arises is, ‘Is Online gambling legal for US players?’ There are many people trying to regulate online gambling in US and Europe why others are trying hard to solve it. The major issue being addressed is to prevent gambling addiction as well as underage gambling. Statistics show that US players generate half of the revenue of gambling market and increases gradually.  However, Americans are able to gamble online only at sites that do not restrict US players and the most flexible deposit option is via credit cards. 

On a legal point of view, US players can gamble online free and safe and only at states that allow online gambling. This is one of the main reasons why many online casinos are still processing funds from US players. 

In January 2011, New Jersey passed the bill legalizing online gambling and being the first state in US to do this. This is a sign showing that there is still hope for online gambling and soon many states will legalize online gambling. However, there are several online gambling sites that are still open for US players and all you have to do is select the any gambling site of preference as long the site is licensed and verified. 

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