Top 10 Bingo Myths Busted!

Bingo is a very popular game and just like any other popular gambling game there are quite a few myths and legends that were built around it. In this article we are planning to offer you a clear overview of the most popular myths and legends and offer you the truth and nothing but the truth related to them. There are currently many myths that have risen around the online bingo version and a very good amount of them are not true.

  1. Online bingo is very expensive – There are currently many people out there that have got the idea that bingo is something very expensive. But the truth is definitely the opposite. Statistically the online bingo is definitely going to be cheaper thanks to the fact that organizing the games on the internet costs a lot less and this way the payouts at an online bingo hall are going to be automatically higher.
  2. It is impossible to win a jackpot at online bingo – This is once again not true. There are plenty of jackpots out there at the major online bingo halls that are being offered to normal people.
  3. Online bingo is rigged – The online bingo games that you are playing over the internet are mostly fair and safe to play. Especially if you are going to play at a well-established online bingo hall, there is nothing to worry about. If all the bingo halls were rigged this industry would have never survived.
  4. Bingo sites are not safe to play – The online bingo halls are now using entirely 100% safe and secured software. This means that all the data is going to be transferred between your computer and the bingo site server via an SSL secured connection and playing the games is never going to cause you any problems.
  5. You are playing with bots – There is a very popular myth that you can never win at online bingo because you are playing against other computer generated players created by the online bingo sites. This myth is not true because the online bingo industry is sustained by some companies that manage to offer fair chances to everybody to win. In case this would happen, those websites will have to be shut down immediately.
  6. Some players have a secret strategy that allows them to win – Unfortunately there is no secret strategy that is going to allow anyone to play bingo and keep on winning. Bingo is a game where everything is based mostly on chances and winning is going to be spread statistically to different players. There is no way you can beat the system.
  7. Online bingo takes the social side of the game away – The online bingo rooms are going to offer you forums, chats and other ways to interact with the other players. This way you can still enjoy the social benefits of playing bingo and make new friends all the time.
  8. Online bingo is illegal – Most of the online bingo websites out there are going to be 100% legal to play, since they are located in countries where online gambling is legal and regulated.
  9. Bingo is being played by old ladies at the church club – This is just another myth that is not true. The popular belief is always going to make you think that bingo is a game for old people. The demographics however are showing that the regular bingo player will have between 25 and 50 years old and she’s a female.
  10. Only jobless people play bingo – The statistics are showing the exact opposite. The average person that plays bingo is full time employed.
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