Most Popular Bingo Patterns

One of the fun things about online bingo is it allows players to enjoy a lot of different bingo patters each and every day. The variety of available patterns means that players can have the excitement of switching to different patterns quickly and keeping things fresh. When it comes to the different patterns out there on the online bingo sites, the sky is pretty much the limit. However, some of the patters have become more popular with online players and are offered at many of the online bingo sites. Here are some of the most popular bingo patterns players will have an easy time finding online:

Coverall: A coverall pattern calls for the player to cover the entire bingo card to win. This is a pattern game that takes quite a bit of time to complete. This is why many of the online bingo sites choose to use a coverall pattern in their tournaments. Players tend to favor the coverall pattern since it takes longer and this means they can really get into the game. A coverall is also referred to as a blackout. Some online bingo sites offer coverall games to players on a regular basis. 

Line Pattern: In a line pattern bingo game the player will be asked to form a straight line on their bingo card in order to win that game. The free space can be used in order for the player to complete the line. These lines can go up and down, side to side, or even diagonally. This is one of the most popular of all of the bingo patterns and one that is liked by those used to playing on traditional land based bingo halls since they are already so familiar with this pattern. 

Shape Pattern: In a shape pattern game the player will need to form a certain shape on their bingo card to win. The shape the player will need to form is announced before the game begins. There are hundreds of different shapes that can be chosen. Some of the more popular shapes include such things as an airplane, an arrow, a triangle, a square, and more. Players that like a lot of change tend to prefer this type of pattern and find that the shape pattern is very entertaining for them. 

Letter Pattern: The letter pattern is just what it sounds like; the player will need to form a predetermined letter on the bingo card. Once again, the free space can be used in order for the player to form the letter. This is a popular pattern with both new and experienced online bingo players. 

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