Bingo Rules Explained

Playing bingo is extremely easy and it’s going to take just a few minutes to learn the rules. Once you understand all the rules of bingo you will not only know how to play bingo but you will also know how to win.

The very first and basic rule that you have to know in order to play bingo: all you have to do is to mark or to highlight the numbers that you hear or see that are being called on your bingo cards. These numbers are going to be called one after another until one of the players is going to mark all the numbers on one of his bingo cards. 

In order to play bingo you will have to concentrate and make sure that you are not missing any of the numbers that are being called. In case you will not concentrate, then you will most likely going to miss some of the numbers and you can win only if you have all the numbers checked.

Before you start playing any bingo game it’s always best that you read exactly the rules of the game. Even if the basic rules are usually going to be the same, different online bingo halls are going to offer you different types of bingo games. Some are also going to offer you different variations of the game in order to make sure that you never get bored and once you finish playing the classic one, you have to move on to the next type of bingo game. There are currently many bingo variations available: u-pick’em bingo, quick shot bingo, bonanza bingo, horse racing bingo, table bingo and others.

Basically a player is going to have to buy bingo cards that are going to be made out of a 5 x 5 grid. Each column will is going to correspond to one of the 5 letters of the word bingo. After that numbers are going to be taken out and called, for example B 2. The B column is going to have numbers starting from 1 to 15, the next column the one below the letter I will have numbers starting from 16 to 30, N – 31 – 45, G 46-60 and O 61-75.

 In case you hear any of the numbers being called and you see it on your card you have to check or mark it. You are going to win the moment when you will manage to fill the bingo pattern with a line that is made out of 5 numbers, who are placed vertically, horizontally or on diagonal.

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