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Bingo is a game that has managed to easily conquer the world. Thanks to the fact that this game can be easily played and it manages to offer a chance to spend the time in a very relaxing and pleasant way, there are currently millions of people from all over the world that are playing bingo.

In this article we are planning to offer you a good overview of what bingo means today, thanks to some interesting online bingo statistics. This way you can find out the fact that bingo has started to become a worldwide phenomenon that is adding thousands of new members each and every day.

The total wagering that is being done in the US for charitable bingo manages to reach as much as $3 billion dollars per year.

In the UK, the women between 20 and 25 years old are playing bingo as their most popular leisure activity.

The statistics are showing that there are more than 100 Bingo players all over the world.

Out of these players around 80% are women and the rest 20% are men.

Thanks to the high popularity of the bingo games, there are many well established companies that have launched online bingo games. This way you can find bingo games on all the major internet portals like: MSN, AOL, Yahoo! and other websites.

The reason why the online bingo manages to grow at such a fast rate is because the demographics of the average bingo player have changed a lot. Even if a good and vast majority of the people tends to think that only old people are playing bingo, the statistics are saying the exact opposite thing. There are currently 90% of the bingo players that have an age lower than 50 years.

Even if online bingo is a popular game all over the world, there are countries where it manages to bring more money into the game than others. The very first country where bingo tends to be the most popular is of course the US, followed by Japan and UK. 

The statistics are showing that the online bingo industry is worth right now ?600 million a year in the UK alone. Therefore the bingo in the UK manages to attract and generate more money than Soccer.

There are currently two main types of bingo games. There is the 75 ball bingo which is preferred of around 70% of the players, while the 90 ball bingo is only being played by 30% of the players.

The number of players who have an age of 65 years or more is very small. 

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