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We are not quite sure if “Slotland” is supposed to be a cleverly chosen name or rather tongue-in-cheek. It certainly rhymes with “Scotland” (reputedly inhabited by some of the most money-pinching individuals on Earth), but replace the “o” with a “u” and you get something completely different and quite seedy.

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slotland casino

Slippery wordplays aside, Slotland Mobile Casino is of course the sister company of one of the longest-established online casinos on the Net. That fact alone almost guarantees a fantastic gambling experience. Coming back to the name, though, you may already have guessed that Slotland is exclusively dedicated to slot machines – no Roulette to be found here, no Baccarat, no Blackjack. Again, this is a good thing, because it ensures quality. Remember the old saying, “If you crave a serving of great fish’n chips, visit a fish’n chips place and not a hamburger joint”? That Slotland Mobile Casino is on the right path with its business model also manifests in the fact that their average payout rate lingers around an astonishing 98%, something that you’ll hardly ever find in any other mobile casino.

A great game selection on a custom-designed proprietary platform (that is very easy to download and install, by the way) and a fabulous payout ratio must naturally come with at least one disadvantage, though. In the case of Slotland Mobile Casino the first obvious downside is that sound effects are missing from all games. That in itself is not so bad, because chances are that you’re going to play without headphones anyway. Apart from that, how exciting could slot machine sound effects possibly be that it would seriously impact gameplay if you didn’t hear them? The second disadvantage is that none of Slotland Mobile Casino‘s games is playable in free mode. Here it is “full attack” or “no attack at all”, no excuses. In this respect, Slotland Mobile Casino may be best suited if you’re already familiar with mobile gambling. On the other hand, if you have visited the original Slotland Online Casino before, you will have no trouble handling its mobile casino offspring’s slots, because they’re merely tweaked versions of what you’ve encountered on the online casino site.

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