How to Blackjack Count Cards

Blackjack is a popular strategic game and everyone is eager to learn and master how to play and win this game effectively. The game is so simple but it also needs the art of implementing strategy in the game so that you can always win. There are many blackjack techniques that are available both online and offline. 

Blackjack card counting is a mathematical system that is employed to keep track of each and every card dealt on the table.  With this system you will also get to understand the cards that are left to be played from the deck.  It does not take a mathematician or a scientist to learn how to blackjack count cards. Anyone can become a pro in this game. 

There are several card counting systems available and these include:

  1. HI Lo Count 
  2. Revere Count
  3. Zen Count 
  4. KO Count

How the blackjack card counting works

It is very vital to know how the blackjack card counting system works before applying strategic art of play in the game. Basically the basis of card counting is to keep track of each and every card dealt on the table.  Therefore you will now be able to adjust your way of play in the game because you will be having an idea of the cards that are left to be played on the table. 

Several blackjack card counting systems start off with an initial count of 0. The moment you take your sit at the blackjack table your count will be 0 given that the shoe deck has been reshuffled. It now depends on the counting system you will use because the count will keep fluctuating when each and every card is being dealt on the table. You should not only focus on counting the cards that have been dealt to you but you should also track count of the cards that have been dealt to your opponents as well as the dealers face up card.

A positive count is known when cards of small value have been dealt on the table and this will mean that there are now cards of higher value in the deck that are yet to be dealt or played to the players by the dealer.  When the deck has higher cards there are several advantages that are available to the player and these are;

  • Dealer will bust frequently
  •  Player is able to receive more blackjacks from the dealer
  • Players will have higher stating hands and become stronger

Generally when the card count is high players bet with large amounts because of the higher chances of winning.  You should also bear in mind that when you are wining more you should not forget to use the blackjack card counting system.  When high cards have been dealt you should start betting small amount because the cards that will be left in the deck will be of small value at which the house will have more advantage.

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