How To Withdraw From Online Casinos

Whenever you play at an online casino and win, your money remains in your account, where it can be used to play again, until you decide to withdraw it. To withdraw your money, simply click on the same “Cashier” or “Account” link that you clicked on to make your first deposit. Once inside the casino banking area, select “Withdraw.” 

Once you are inside the withdrawal area, you can select between a variety of ways to receive your winnings, including Neteller, Skrill, bank draft (that is, a check that is mailed to you) and other online banking services including a wire transfer directly to your bank account. Depending on the casino and the method you choose, receiving your money can take as little as a few minutes or as much as a few weeks (for a check sent by regular mail). At a few online casinos, once the casino has confirmed your identity, you will be able to opt for Instant Payment to your Neteller account just by clicking a button. 

Casino players who use e-check may prefer wire transfers of large winnings, and active players will often receive such services for free. Just be aware that, in the case of e-check deposits, payment of withdrawals will usually have to wait until your e-check has actually cleared, which may take up to a week or ten days. That's fair, because the online casino can't really be sure you ever had cash to deposit until that e-check clears!

But Neteller is also an excellent choice for fast payment of your winnings. If you choose Neteller, your money will be in your Neteller account within an hour to a couple of days. 

If you live outside of North America and you made your casino deposit with a credit card, a common method of paying winnings is to credit an amount equal to your original deposit back to your credit card. But any additional amount in your account is usually sent by check (or, for an additional fee, you can request a wire transfer or even Fed Ex). For larger withdrawals, online casinos will often perform such services for free. 

You Will Need Proof of Identity

A few online casinos still require that you send them proof of whom you are before they send you your first withdrawal. You can usually fax this info, but we’ve found that it’s much more convenient and reliable to use email. To do this you’re required to get scans of:

  1. your driver’s license (front and back);
  2. a recent utility bill (just the top portion with your address); and 
  3. a bank statement (again, just the top portion with your address).

If you don’t own a scanner, any Office Depot or similar type of photocopy or business center can make scans of these documents for a few bucks. They will put the scans on a disk for you, and you can use these files over and over, attaching them to an email any time a casino requests your ID. Just make sure that the name and addresses are the same on all these documents and that they are the same name and address as the ones on your casino account. This way, the moment a casino requests your ID, bang! You email it to them and they get right onto processing your withdrawal request. 

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