System 2 RED BLACK - roulette strategy

This system involves betting on RED and BLACK. You get a return of 2 - 1 for each successive win.

First thing you need to do is note which colour came out last and then put a $1 bet on the opposite colour. If it wins, congratulations. The next spin you would put a $1 bet on the opposite colour again. If it loses however, you then need to put a $2 bet on the same colour, and then $4, then $8 and so on until your colour comes in. Basically you need to keep doubling your bet until you win. As there is statistically a 50 - 50 chance of your colour coming in, the odds of you not winning for more than 6 or 7 spins are very small.

IMPORTANT - I would advise against betting more than $32 on red or black ( this is 6 spins ) as if you lose again you will be paying a lot to get back into £2 profit.

Cut your losses, exit the table and log back in. Remember the Casino exists to make money.

Based on my personal experience the longer you play at the same table the MORE the odds seem to get stacked against you. If you start to get an unusually high number of losing runs, LEAVE the table and log back in.

I would advise you spend no more than 45 minutes playing at the same table.

Give it at least a 15 minute break and then play again.

This now leads me nicely onto system number three where you will combine System 1 with System 2. As result: System 3.

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