System 1 Low Middle High collection - roulette strategy

Before reading on, remember this...You MUST follow my instructions exactly and don't get greedy. The casinos rely on your greed to make their profit. This is how they always win. Stick to my instructions to the LETTER and your odds of winning have increased more than 100 times. In fact I have yet to lose using this system.

This system is based on betting the Low, Middle and High collection of numbers on the Roulette table.

  • Where Low are the numbers 1 to 12 or '1st 12'
  • Where Middle are the numbers 13 to 24 or '2nd 12'
  • Where High are the numbers 25 to 36 or '3rd 12'

If you follow my instructions you will gain between $1 and $3 for every winning number, regardless of how many losing runs you have had.

Firstly you need to WATCH and record what numbers come out. Spin the wheel but don't bet anything just yet simply record an 'L' if Low comes out, and 'M' if Middle comes out and 'H' if a high number comes out.

After so many spins your paper may look like this...


What you need to look out for is a series of 6 spins where one set of numbers does NOT come up. In the example above, Medium hasn't been out for six spins therefore we would put a ?1 bet on Medium the next turn.

Have a look at the bets table below.

Bet Number Stake Gain

  • 1 $1 +£2
  • 2 $2 +£3
  • 3 $3 +£2
  • 4 $4 +£2
  • 5 $6 +£2
  • 6 $9 +£2
  • 7 $13 +£1
  • 8 $20 +£2
  • 9 $30 +£2
  • 10 $45 +£2
  • 11 $67 +£1

If your bet wins, congratulations you are up £2. If not, move onto bet number 2 and place a £2 bet on Medium again. If it wins, congratulations you are £3 up. If not, move onto bet number 3 and place a £3 stake on Medium. And so on until you do win.

Once you have your win you need to WAIT until there has been a series of 6 numbers where Low, Medium or High hasn't been out and then begin betting again. This has decreased your betting odds from 1 in 17to 1 in 3.

Remember, DON'T get greedy and you will win. only stake the bet amount as stated in the table above.

Later we shall look at combining the above method with another so that you don't have to wait until there hasn't been a series of Low, Medium or High numbers before making a bet. Next we shall look at another method of winning.

This is what you will be combining with the method above.

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