System 3 - roulette strategy

Now that you know how to place the Low, Medium and High bets and you also know how to bet on Red and Black it's time to really get things moving and do both.

It really isn't complicated as long as you concentrate. Here's what I do...

While waiting for your series of 6 spins where either a Low, Medium or High set of numbers hasn't come out, use the Red/Black system on each spin and build up your cash. Then STOP betting on Red or Black and instead place the bet on the Low, Medium or High series of numbers. I don't know why but if you continue betting on Red/Black and bet on the Low, Med and High numbers it seems to mess up the averages. I have been on a few losing streaks through doing this.

Don't worry if you are losing on Red/Black at this stage, just log where you were up to and when you win with System 1, pick up where you left off with System 2.

It really is that simple. GOLDEN RULE - Don't get greedy and increase your bets.

There is a $100 cap per set of numbers. You could find yourself in a position where you cannot recuperate your losses. Remember to STOP betting on Red/Black when you start betting on Low, Med and High.

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