Craps Optimal Strategy

Craps is an easy game to play but mastering any winning strategy takes time and frequent game play. In this guide, I will outline a few strategies that you can apply during game play in order to obtain a winning edge. 

In Craps, the optimal winning strategy is simple. You need to play the dark side and maximize your odds. You need to avoid playing the don’t come or don’t pass bet. The pass and come bets can give you a winning edge. 

Firstly, you need to consider the house edge of your bets. In contrast of the two – pass or come bet, the house edge is backed up by taking full odds. Thus, you need to obtain maximum odds allowed on the two bets in order to reduce your risk loss to minimal. On the other hand, you need to analyze the house edge of the don’t come and don’t pass bets backed up by full odds. You can easily observe that the house edge of the don’t bets are less the pass and come bets at which the don’t pass house edge is at 0.273% and pass is at 0.374%. However, it looks like the don’t pass bets are better than compared to the pass and come bets but it is not true at all. 

The main reason why the don’t pass and don’t come bets have a less house edge is that its odds multiple are relative to your bet taking odds. However, both bets provide the same level of gaming experience but the don’t pass bettors are known as the larger bettors. Thus the larger bettor of the don’t pass bets cause the reduction of the house edge. 

Thus, from my observation, the pass and don’t pass bets are similar to one another and the only difference is that you need to be less on the pass bets and bet more on the don’t pass bets. All bets have a great chance of a win. Thus, in craps, you first need to understand the way in which the house edge is defined. It is the only casino game with the lowest house edge and if you device your own strategy you are able to lose 0.1% of your investment at which the house will just take 0.1%. 

Thus, with your strategy, you need to lay more odds for you to have a winning edge and betting on the pass side tends to be a little better when laying all odds for maximum return. 

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