How To Play Online Craps

For new players, craps seems like a complex game and looking at the table, the game can even frighten you due to its many squares and bets. The moment you take a glance at the table, you would want to avoid playing but you will hear many people screaming and shouting with fun at which it will draw you close. 

Craps is one of the casino games that gives players great gaming experience because you get to partake in the game whereby you are given a turn to roll the dice and you get to determine who wins or loses. In addition, carps is the only casino game that offers the lowest house edge of 0.02%.

But with its many bets, you will quickly get to learn the mandatory bet which is the passline bet. Although there are a lot of bets, all you have to do is focus on a few bets because the majority of the bets are sucker bets. 

There are 40 different bets but the fundamental rule in learning the game is to understand two things: Rolling the dice and the pass line bet. As a new player, you should not be concerned with all other bets. The first bet you should learn is the passline bet.

During game play, each player is given a chance to roll the dice and the player rolling the dice is known as the shooter. The shooter keeps rolling until s/he rolls out a seven at the wrong time and the next player gets to roll the dice. 

With the passline bet, before the shooter rolls, you get to place bets on the region marked passline on the table. You win if the shooter rolls a 7 or 11 or you lose if the shooter rolls a 2, 3, or 12. Any other number rolled out by the shooter takes you to the free round.  The numbers 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, 10 rolled take you to the free round and is called a point.  If a point has been rolled, the dealer places a marker on the number and the free round commences.  In the free round, if the point number is rolled again you win and if a seven is rolled you lose. Any other number rolled is irrelevant and rolled again. 

Therefore, in the free round, rolling a seven makes you lose while out of the free round, rolling a seven makes you win. Therefore, when a seven is rolled before the point its known as ‘sevening out’ and you lose. 

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