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You’re looking to play poker, but you’re not looking to play around. It’s easy enough to find a poker room online or in a land based setting. But what you want is a reliable room that plays fair, pays out and gives you the player an enjoyable experience. Reading all poker reviews is one of the best ways of sorting out what’s good from what’s a waste of your time or, perhaps worse, your hard earned cash. So figure out your gaming style and read the reviews to find the right poker rooms for you.

We collect real poker room player reviews from people around the world what helps to make a trusted and actual rating 2019.

You as a Poker Player

What kind of a poker player are you? Are you a brand new beginner or an old hand – or somewhere in between? What’s your wagering style: high roller or more of a cautious type? Do you already have a standard favorite game, or would you like to sample a few new ones? (Anyone for seven card stud?) If you’re not sure where you fit into the poker spectrum, browse around all poker reviews to familiarize yourself with the games and the rooms available, paying attention to the stakes involved and the skill level of the typical player. You can also check to see whether any tips or tutorials are offered, should you feel the need to brush up on your skills. This is a great time to hone your skills, before you are actually out there competing for cash.

If You interests how much can earn good player I'll result some facts. A good player can win like one big hand per hour and against weak players - it is much more. Plus many poker rooms offer up to $5 bonuses per hour. So u can earn ~ $15 per hour at the table $5/$10. Winner at big tournaments earn fantastic sums. First prize of World Series of Poker (WSOP) in 2006 was $12.000.000.

A Different kind of Poker Table

It seems confusing at first, but you’ll find it’s actually pretty simple to compare poker rooms when you look at the review sites. They are put together by poker knowledgeable folks who will assess each room’s quality of software, player traffic and skill level, methods of deposit and withdrawal, safety and security, bonuses and promotions and customer support services. There may even be easy to read tables or charts of vital stats such as site ratings, bonuses and bonus codes, as well as links to reviews and the poker room web sites themselves.

Trustworthy Poker Rooms

When you’re putting your money on the line, you need to be sure that you’re dealing with a reliable room. You’ll find some common threads in all poker reviews to tell you if a poker room is trustworthy. First of all if a room is blatantly cheating its clients, it won’t take long for them to complain loud and clear. Word gets around in the poker world and the reviewers pay attention to complaints. Beyond that, check reviews and the poker rooms’ sites to see which software developer is backing the room. The software is a major determiner of whether the play is fair and deals are random. All your financial transactions with the poker room should be protected by industry standard 128 bit encryption, and at the risk of restating the obvious, never give any personal or financial details to any anonymous someone in a poker room. 

Poker Room rating and comments

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Titan Poker
Titan Poker Featured
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888 Poker
888 Poker Featured

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Carbon Poker
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32Red Poker
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Party Poker
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6 results - showing 1 - 6