How to play at slot machines

We try to show you how to play slot machines

Playing online slots is as easy as drinking a glass of water. The main concept of the game is to place your coins, spin the reel and check whether you have hit a winning combination or not. Slot games are the easiest casino games that every new player will find easy to play. However, like all other casino games, a player needs to understand the rules of the game so as to win effectively.

Firstly, you need to read and understand the payout table before commencing game play. The payout table shows the top fixed jackpots offered by the slot game as well as the wild symbol and scatter symbol used. In addition, you will also get to know how to activate the bonus rounds as well as various features offered during the bonus round. 

The payout schedule also shows a wide range of winning combinations that can be triggered during game play. Although each slot game makes a sound and indicates the combination as well as credits awarded, it is advisable for you to understand the payout schedule so as to know what the slot game has to offer.  

The next step is for you to understand the max bet and advanced features offered such as the auto play and skill stop feature.  You can load any amount in the slot machine and this does not mean once it has been loaded you can not withdraw it. Whenever you need the cash back, you can simply press the cash out button shown on screen. After you have loaded your cash, you can now decide the type of coin denomination you need simply by selecting your coin denomination and then you proceed to place each coin on any of the paylines. 

Each payline is activated by placing one or more coins on the payline and activating all paylines can simply be done by clicking on the button ‘Max Bet’.  During game play, a winning combination is awarded on an active payline. Thus, if all paylines are not activated, you can lose a great opportunity of winning big. Therefore, it’s advisable to always play on max bet at which most online casino games allow a minimum max bet of $0.20 or more depending on the paylines offered by the slot game. 

The auto play and stop skill feature enables you to set the slot game to play automatically while you sit back and enjoy watching the game. You can set the number of spins as well as setting the game to play on max bet or less max bet. The skill stop feature is a function that is added to the auto play feature at which you can set the slot game to stop when it has triggered a winning combination or a bonus round has been activated.  However, the stop skill feature is not available with all slot game.

Start playing online slots today and enjoy great gaming action. 

Slots interface

Slot machines have various quantity of drums and game lines. All buttons by the slots have constant value though there are also exceptions. As a rule, in English on each button what action will be written executed after its pressing:

  • Spin - start the game
  • Bet - exhibiting of the rate of the player on which he is going to play
  • X lines - game on X lines

Modern slot-machines usually have 9 (1-3-5-7-9) or 20 (1-5-10-15-20) lines, and the first 10 have the central symmetry, and following 10 - axial more often. 

  • Collect — fixing of game and the deposit of the player for its subsequent removal.
  • Bet one — game under one rate.
  • Bet С…2 — game under the rate increased on two.
  • Bet С…3 — game under the rate increased on three.
  • Bet С…5 — game under the rate increased on five.
  • Bet Max — exhibiting of the maximum rate on which the slot machine is calculated. In some automatic machines button Bet Max pressing starts drums with the maximum rate.
  • Last bet — possibility to repeat the previous rate.

Slot-cars have special designations on the automatic machine screen:

  • Credit — the account of the player in standard units.
  • Win — the advantageous combination has dropped out.
  • Paid — the general payment.

All slot-machines have the table of payments on symbols, thus, the player always can learn that to it is due at loss of those or other combinations. To begin game, it is necessary for player to count and untwist drums. If on a line of a prize after a stop of drums the advantageous combination has dropped out, the prize is defined under the prize-list.

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