The Random Number Generator in Slots

Many people tend to think that playing slots is a way of flushing away your money down the drain at which you will never get to win anything at all and it all depends on how luck you are. Others may think that casino rooms can set the slot machine to payout a certain number of winning combinations per that particular day or period. 

However, this is not true at all. Before I proceed getting into more detail about how slots function, slot players should note that all slot machines operating in a casino are regulated by casino laws. Some of the facts included in the laws governing all casino slots is that a casino cannot alter, modify or reprogram the slot machine during game play, weekly or occasionally. In addition, slots should have a payout rate of at least 75% up to 95%. This ensures a player that you will certainly never get to play a slot machine that offers a payout rate below 75%. However, the majority of slots offer a payout rate of 90-95%.

Now looking at the Random Number Generator abbreviated as RNG is the microchip embedded in a slot machine that is responsible for producing outcome combinations at random. The RNG produces outcome combinations at random and each combination is independent from the next coming combinations. This means that during game play, a player is able to trigger a winning combination consecutively or you can either trigger a win or a lose due to the fact that the combinations are being produced at random.

Thus, with the use of the Random Number Generator (RNG), a player is able to trigger the top fixed jackpot and this does not mean it cannot be re-triggered again. A player is able to hit the top fixed jack pot consecutively because each out come is independent. 

 Therefore, when playing slots, players should avoid slots myth such as, ‘ avoid playing a slot that has given it top fixed jackpot’ and many others. When playing any slot game, avoid making use of slot myths because you will never get to beat or cheat a slot machine due to the RNG being used only unless you are able to hack through the RNG microchip. 

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